• 45th Annual Pacific Islands Forum

    Posted by Sister Lubei on Sep 8, 2014

    With Smokestack and the band (Kapono Na’ili’ili, Will Yokoyama, CJ Kama Jr. and Ka’imi Brede) Rockin’ The 45th Annual Pacific Islands Forum which was held in Palau (my home island). It was a week of non-stop shows from the local day markets to the opening and closing ceremonies, our visit was short but we made lots of new friends from Palau and the other Pacific Islands attending.   (more pics and special thank yous coming)

    Opening Ceremony







  • Steel Pulse in Hawaii

    Posted by Sister Lubei on Aug 20, 2014

    Gregory Hines

    Amlak Tafari
    Amlak Tafari (bassie)

  • Weekly Pick : The Abyssinians

    Posted by Sister Lubei on Jun 16, 2014

    The Abyssinians

    Studio albums

    1976 : Satta Massagana – Jam Sounds (reissued 1988 on Clinch, 1993, 2007 on Heartbeat, also released as Satta and Forward on to Zion)
    1978 : Arise – Tuff Gong/Virgin/Clinch
    1998 : Reunion – Artists Only

    Compilation albums

    1982 : Forward – Alligator
    1994 : Best of the Abyssinians – Musidisc
    1996 : 19.95 + TAX
    1998 : Satta Dub – Tabou 1
    1998 : Declaration of Dub – Heartbeat
    1999 : Last Days – Clinch (credited to Bernard Collins)
    2003 : Abyssinians & Friends Tree of Satta vol. 1 – Blood & Fire

  • Latest Downloads

    Posted by Sister Lubei on May 19, 2014

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  • Shooting Lazers with Smokestack

    Posted by Sister Lubei on May 15, 2014

    Catch this tune and much more on the show @ NextDoor in Chinatown.
    Original Song by Sister Lubei & Smokestack. Original Riddim by RawnieLovely

  • Crucial night of Reggae in Honolulu

    Posted by Sister Lubei on Apr 24, 2014

    Join us for an amazing night of Reggae music, from lovers rock, roots to a little bit of dancehall! The last time I shared the stage with Isa’ako was about 10 years ago, so this one is sure going to be something like a re-union show and just a night filled with fun and strictly good vibes. It is also one of the few shows I will be doing this year, because of the new journey I have decided to take. So come on down and check out the vibes.


    Isa'ako & SisterLubei Concert

  • Exclusive Offer

    Posted by Sister Lubei on Mar 29, 2014


    Sister Lubei Charcoal Drawing
    Since March is my bday month and this years marks the 12th year that I’ve been in music on this island. I decided to release an exclusive charcoal drawing by the best Hawaii artist i know.. S.Madrid. The 11 x 17 gloss finish paper will be signed and printed by yours truly. This is a must-have releases for all the hard core and new fans. It has been a quite a journey for me and I feel so blessed to be able to continue to make good original music and especially doing something i love. Celebrating 12 years in the Hawaii music scene with originality and stand in music. Get your exclusively posters today! Join me this sunday for a chill night in downtown. Subscribe to blog, recieve time and info via email.

    11X17 small poster $24.99
    Posters are printed on high quality gloss finish paper with archival quality inks.
    Email me @ for your exclusive copy.

  • When Love – Exclusive By DJ Lorest France

    Posted by Sister Lubei on Mar 26, 2014





  • Catch me at the BOOMBONG Show

    Posted by Sister Lubei on Mar 26, 2014

  • Beer & Buds LIVE Jan.18th @ CHEZ in AIEA

    Posted by Sister Lubei on Jan 6, 2014

    This one will be MAD, sett off the Hinges kine! It’s on the Westside, with an amazing line up : TRIPPLE LOS, THA HAPP, KAIPO KAPUA and POU JACKSON and ofcourse..yours truly! I Will be flippin’ up my set and bringing some new unheard/unreleased material, I might bring a dj and do crazy acoustic/voice box set. It will be an evening of fun, expression, mad verses and also for me, a mini kine re-union with my Gotthos fam,old friends and colleagues that have been rockin’ Hawaii since way back in the days. Mark your calendars. See you there!

    Live Show